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we are local

We Are Local

We are a locally owned and operated family business in Denver, CO. We service the entire Colorado Front Range and mountain communities from Ft. Collins to Pueblo, to Vail. With over 8 years experience, we are experts who can provide you with exactly what you need.

Small Business values large corporation

Not A Large Corporation

Corporations can be difficult to work with. You cant get the right person on the phone and it can takes weeks or months to have something simple taken care of. The bottom line is that they have to pay for all of those people and offices and warehouses, and that cost is paid by you, the customer.

We are a small local company with few employees and low overhead. When you call us, you will reach a decision maker or even the owner of the company! We treat our customers how we would like to be treated, with attention and respect.
Lowest Price Guarantee

Lowest Price

With low overhead, and no share holder pressure to squeeze maximum profits from the company, It is easy for us to offer the lowest priced walk-in tubs, without sacrificing quality.

About ColoradoWalkinBath

Identical Quality

Every walk-in tub company likes to tell you how their tub is so much better than the other guys tub, when the truth is most of the well known tub brands are almost identical in quality. Their prices are also very similar. Some charge much more, but there isn’t a significant quality difference, and often may actually be a lower quality product!

About ColoradoWalkinBath

What Is The Average Price Of A Walk-in Tub?

Because of the multitude of variables we see from house to house, the price to install a walk-in tub varies so greatly that it is virtually impossible to give an average or “ballpark” estimate over the phone. However, it is a simple process once we can see your bathroom and look at the other relevant areas in your home. One of our safety consultants can give you an exact price quote in a very short amount of time. We typically have appointments one to three days out and can sometimes even get there the same day you call, schedule permitting.