Frequently Asked Question

What distinguishes Colorado Walk-In Bath from other tub companies?

Most competitors provide 2-4 models; we have 22. This diversity lets you discover the right match for your space and demands. We promise the lowest prices for comparable walk-in tubs and will match any competitors price plus reimburse you $500 if you find a lower price. For longevity and enjoyment, Ella’s Bubbles tubs are handcrafted in the USA from high-quality acrylic, not fiberglass.

Can I add features to my walk-in tub?

You can design your walk-in tub however you like with simply the essentials or every option available. We create your tub to your specifications, so you only pay for the features you choose, from faucets to hydrotherapy jets. This personalized approach ensures you get precisely what you need for comfort and safety.

How do walk-in tubs from Colorado Walk-In Bath enhance safety and comfort?

Our walk-in tubs are designed with safety and comfort as top priorities. Low thresholds, various built-in safety bars, and easy-to-operate doors are standard features. These features turn your bathroom into a secure, soothing refuge. Hydrotherapy can offer significant joint pain relief, improving your quality of life.

Does Colorado Walk-In Bath offer products for people with specific needs, such as seniors or individuals with limited mobility?

We have several models for individuals in wheelchairs and those with restricted mobility. Our senior and handicap-accessible bathtubs include non-slip floors, built-in safety grab bars, water and air massage jets, handheld showers, low step-in heights, and wide inswing or outswing doors. These characteristics make bathing safe and pleasant for everyone.

How can I get a free walk-in tub or shower quote?

For a free, no-obligation walk-in tub or shower quotation, contact 720-507-9113. Mention promo code COWIB1.5 for a discount. Our experts can discuss your requirements, explain our models, and help you choose the right bathroom solution for you. Our lowest price promise ensures the most incredible value for your investment.